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General information

The Institute was founded in 1996 with the capital of 20 thousand Hryvnyas. The capital of the Institute has been increased up to 21 million Grivnyas by the beginning of 2000.

The scientific potential of the Institute is made of 4 Professors and 17 PhD. The scientists are attracted from other establishments for realization of sertain designs.

Scientific investigations are performed science capacious technologies are developed, perfected and implemented and also original ideas, engineering developments and designs of talented scientists, inventors and creative collectives are supported with this purpose at the Institute.

The "Bank" of the propositions of the Institute includes more than 80 designs and technical propositions of various depth of study. Now are supported more than 20 designs at the expense of own means, including:

The fundamental studies

In the field of fundamental research the Institute has obtained the fiollowing results:

  1. It is shown, that Einstein's equations of the general theory of relativity with cosmological constant are true for the real Universe with Euclidean geometry within global scales.
  2. It is shown, that conditions of homogeneity and isotropy stemming from the global properties of the Universe permit to transfer the equations of the general theory of relativity from geometric shape into the field one.
  3. The solution of the received equations has revealed several (extremely small) additions to the basic laws of physics, which take into account gravitational ties of natural elements within the whole Universe.
  4. "Cut-off" of these ties and transfer to traditional laws of physics are made by directing the average density of the Universe to the zero, which as a matter of fact, provides execution of the correspondence principle.
  5. The new approach has permitted to develop a new stationary model of the Universe without inner contradictions and coordinated with all objective characteristics of the Universe.
  6. Unknown before, gravitational viscosity and geodetic curvature of the Universe have been discovered, the reasons for inert properties of material bodies, red shift in radiation spectra of other galaxies, microwave background sky radiation, large-scale structure of the Universe and other natural elements were explained.
  7. The unit scheme is suggested and unit parameters are grounded for experimental discovery of bias of light frequencies at passing control distance and determination of average density of the Universe.
  8. The results received allow to define more exact (after the experiment) the elements of mechanical trajectory of celestial bodies and may be used directly in space activities.
  9. There is a principal possibility displayed for creation of the gravitational screen and flying vehicles with properties alike the UFO ones.
  10. First steps are made to unification of all the types of physical interactions in the way of identification of gravitation and nuclear interactions.
  11. The basis are included for examination of the fifth fundamental information interaction.
  12. The theoretical examinations and experiments are carried out on examination of vacuum polarization waves etc.

The Institute possesses:

The Institute has published some monographies on fundamental research.

The scientists of the Institute have made the reports on a series of the international scientific conferences (that is the best testimony of our scientific researches):

1) V.M. Kontorovich - on the conference "OBSERVATION COSMOLOGY: THE DEVELOPMENT OF GALAXY SYSTEMS", Sesto Pusteria (Bolzano, Italy), June 30th - July 3rd, 1998;

2) Yu.A Bogdanov, D.N. Kolpakov - on the conference:"GLOBAL INFORMATION SPACE: RESOURCES, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION", Kiev (Ukraine), Oktober 22-23, 1999;

3) N.A. Zhuck, V.N. Pasyuga - on the conference "THE UNIVERSE OF GAMOW: ORIGINAL IDEAS IN ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY", Odessa (Ukraine), August 16-22, 1999;

4) N.A. Zhuck, V.N. Pasyuga - on the conference "THE MODERN PROBLEMS OF EXTRAGALACTIC ASTRONOMY", Pushchino (Russia), April 12- 14 2000;

5) N.A. Zhuck, V.N. Pasyuga - on the conference "EUROPEAN ASTRONOMY AT THE TURN OF THE MILLENNIUM", Moscow (Russia), May 29 - June 3, 2000.

The Institute was an organizer of the Ukrainian-Russian Conference "GRAVITATION, COSMOLOGY AND RELATIVISTIC ASTROPHYSICS" (GRAV-2000).

The Institute was an organizer of the International Scientific Conference "GRAVITATION, COSMOLOGY AND RELATIVISTIC ASTROPHYSICS" (GRAV-2003).

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